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In-Ovation Testimonials


“Since I’ve had my braces on, I feel better about myself because my teeth are much straighter than they were a year ago. Even though I still have my braces on I still feel pretty and self-confident." Chelsea – In-Ovation® C patient

“My trips to the orthodontist for my daughter are not inconvenient at all, and we usually make them early in the morning and they are just about 20 minutes for a checkup. It has been very convenient.” Chelsea’s mother

“I would definitely recommend MTM™ No•Trace braces to anyone. The day I got my braces on, it only took about a half hour, and there was no pain involved. They’re really small and tiny and I haven’t found any discomfort at all. They were really easy to get used to.” John – MTM® No•Trace patient

“When my orthodontist talked to me about getting braces, he gave me the choice of which brackets I wanted and I chose In-Ovation® C because of the clear brackets, and the ceramic is more appealing to me.” Cassidy – In-Ovation® C patient

“I thought I would be self-conscious about my braces, but after awhile, I didn't even realize they were on. They are just so comfortable.” Jane – In-Ovation® R patient

“My friends often complain about having a "metal smile," but with In-Ovation® C, you can hardly notice you are wearing braces. I see an improvement in my smile and I am really glad I have In-Ovation® C braces.” Haley – In-Ovation® C patient

“The day I got my braces was the best day of my life. I wasn’t worried about my senior pictures or going to the prom, because my teeth were straight.” David – In-Ovation R Patient

"I’ve had my MTM No•Trace braces on for about two weeks now and I just love them. You can’t see them, nobody knows you have them on and it just makes it easy." Tasha – MTM No•Trace patient

"My friends already have braces, but they said if they had the choice they would have gotten these, because nobody can see them." Stephanie – MTM No•Trace patient

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